Patient Rewards

Cooperation Rewards Program

The purpose of our Cooperation Reward Program is for you to take “ownership” in the investment of orthodontic treatment that your parents have provided for you. We want to reward you for doing everything that is necessary for you to have the best orthodontic treatment result in the shortest amount of time.

We will ask you to maintain excellent oral hygiene, take care of your braces (appliances), show excellent cooperation by following all instructions, be on time for your appointment, and arrange routine dental cleanings with your general dentist. We will reward you with our tooth tokens that you may cash in for prizes* during orthodontic treatment.

Our hope is that this behavioral modification incentive program will help you have clean, healthy, and spot-free teeth upon completion of your orthodontic treatment. There is a $20 monthly drawing for patients who post photos in their Rice Orthodontics T-shirt to their Facebook page and tag our Facebook page. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us provide you with the smile you have always wanted!

To help motivate you and encourage better cooperation while you are in treatment, the following list outlines ways you can earn tokens at each appointment, which can be saved and cashed in by spinning the prize wheel that has a variety of prizes:

You can earn ONE token if EACH category below is achieved at your orthodontic appointment:

  • Excellent Oral Hygiene
    • Patient must display healthy-looking gums
    • No areas of plaque and no food in the braces = A brushing grade
  • Excellent Appliance Care
    • No loose brackets, bands, or appliances
    • No bent or broken wires
  • Excellent Cooperation
    • Wearing all appliances (rubber bands, etc.) for the required number of hours


Additional tokens for:

  • A cleaning certificate (download below) signed by your general dentist or hygienist at your routine cleaning and returned to our office (5 tokens). We recommend at least two routine dental cleanings a year with your general dentist but your dentist may recommend more.
  • Registering for your on-line account access at the top of our home page by clicking on the Patient Login tab to register (1 token).
  • Refer a patient/friend (5 tokens) Recommend us to friends, family, or acquaintances for orthodontic treatment. Have the new patient or patients that start treatment list your name as the person that referred them and you will receive 5 tokens.

Once you have earned 15 tokens, you are eligible to spin the prize wheel. You must keep up your tokens and bring them to the office when you have earned 15. We do not keep track of the number of tokens you have been given in the past.

The prize wheel contains a variety of prizes worth varying amounts. You earn the prize the wheel stops on. If the wheel stops between two prizes, you must spin the wheel again.

Patients must be in active orthodontic treatment (not retainers) to earn tokens. You can only earn tokens for one appointment each month.

Good luck and have fun! — Dr. Rice and Team

* Our prizes are constantly changing and can be viewed on the prize wheel in our clinic. Feel free to take a look at your next appointment!

Download a copy of the cleaning certificate to be signed by the dentist or dental hygienist at your routine cleaning:

If you’re unable to read PDF files, you can download Acrobat Reader free from Adobe.

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